Q & A



Q : How long Manami Body Firming Cream could be used? How much volume in a tube?
A : Manami Body Firming Cream contains 150 g. Applying Manami Body Firming Cream daily in the morning and before bed, the product could last until a month.

Q : How could just this one step of applying the cream get us slimmer?
A : May I answer this question with instruction VDO of Manami Body Firming Cream?

Q : Who is suitable for Manami Body Firming Cream?
A : Manami Body Firming Cream is suitable for the person who wants to lose excess fat or new mothers in breastfeeding period except the pregnant women.

Q : What about burning sensation level when applying Manami Body Firming Cream?
A : There might be a tolerable level of gently burning sensation. The first or second application might cause a little more burning feeling, but after very first try, Manami Body Firming Cream will offer more comfortable feeling while use.

Q : Why do I’ve got no burning sensation when use?
A : Your skin contains moderate moisture level so you will not feel that burn but don’t worry! Manami Body Firming Cream still ultimately works.

Q : Is there any side effect if I stop using Manami Body Firming Cream?
A : There is no side effect after stop using this product. When you’ve got a satisfied result, you can discontinue use.

Q : Should I apply Manami Body Firming Cream before working out?
A : It is strongly recommended to apply the cream before working out as when we are moving while the cream is applied, the cream will be functioning more ultimately.

Q : Should I use the wrapper with Manami Body Firming Cream?
A : The wrapper helps the cream work better on your body. After you apply the cream, use the wrap to the focused area at least 2 hours for the best result.

Q : Is Manami Wrapper different from typical food wrappers?
A : Manami Wrapper specially made for body firming. It is twofold thicker comparing to typical food wrappers.

Q : When should a new mother apply Manami Body Firming Cream?
A : For natural childbirth, the cream can be used to every part of the body immediately. In case of Caesarean, you can apply it to every part of your body as well except the Caesarean wound area.


Q : When should I apply Manami Stretch Mark Protection?
A : Just when you realize that you are pregnant.

Q : Which parts of the body might have tendency of stretch marks?
A : Every part of the body could have a chance to stretch mark come-about but it mostly happened to your abdomen, breast, shoulders, thighs, upper arms, or bottom.

Q : How long does it take to fade stretch marks?
A : If your lesions are red, dark, dark green, or purple in colors, this shows that your stretch marks just come about. Your stretch marks would be healed after a tube used.
If your stretch mark lesion is in white and deep streak, it could be able to be faded out after the first tube used as well but it cannot be able to be permanently removed.

Q : New mothers without stretch marks need Manami Stretch Mark Protection?
A : Of course YES! This cream does not only heal stretch marks but also it protects the skin from stretch marks coming out with its moisturizing property promoting collagen under skin layer. Daily use of Manami Stretch Mark Protection would bring you satisfying results for sure.

Q : If I got skin itched during the day, can I apply the cream more often?
A : As often as you prefer! Suggested tips! If you got itched, please do not touch or scratch it as it causes your skin collagen degeneration. Apply the cream instead to save your collagen.

Q : I’m not a pregnant woman but I’ve got stretch marks from weight loss. Can I use Manami Stretch Mark Protection?
A : Yes, you can. This product helps heal and protect skin from stretch marks.

Q : Should new mother continue using Manami Stretch Mark Protection?
A : We recommended new mom to continue using it until 2 month afterbirth as in afterbirth period, your dermal is rapidly shrunk after fully stretched so this may cause stretch marks.


Q : How many hair care products under this brand?
A : There are 2 products of this line, Manami Hair Shampoo and Manami Hair Tonic.

Q : What are benefits of Manami Hair Shampoo?
A : Manami Hair Shampoo helps prevent hair fall and detoxify chemical residues on scalp. Infused with mild aroma blend, its pleasure aroma helps relieve stress and be a little remedy for headache.

Q : Can I use hair conditioner after I used Manami Hair Shampoo?
A : Yes, any hair conditioner can be used after Manami Hair Shampoo but we recommended you to apply the conditioner only on the tip of your hair.

Q : When should I apply Manami Hair Tonic?
A : At any time you prefer! You can either apply it on wet or dry hair. Water-based hair tonic absorbed quickly without leaving grease.

Q : What is the benefit of Manami Hair Tonic?
A : Manami Hair Tonic prevents hair fall and cater hair growth in 14 days.

Q : Can I just only use Manami Hair Tonic without using Manami Hair Shampoo?
A : Sure YES! But please make sure that your shampoo is not a shampoo for kids or a shampoo that contains too much moisturizer.

Q : Rumor has it “there are always side effects on hair tonic or anti-hair fall when used”. Would Manani hair care have any side effects?
A : We guaranteed you “no-side-effect” as our hair products are formulated from natural-based ingredients without chemicals

Q : Manami Hair Care is suitable for?
A : Manami Hair Care suits to everyone facing problems of hair fall, limp hair, baldness, genetic baldness, pregnant women, afterbirth mom or even oldies.

Q : How long Manami Hair Shampoo and Manami Hair Tonic could be used?
A : – 1 bottle of shampoo = 250 g. net volume and it could last for 1-2 months.
– 1 bottle of hair tonic = 50 g. net volume and it could last for 1-2 months

Q : Can the pregnant women use this product?
A : Definitely! This is chemical-free.


Q : Can new-born baby use Manami Cloud Baby Balm?
A : Yes, new-born baby can use it as well the maturities to all over the body.

Q : How much should I apply balm?
A : Just put the thin layer of balm to the rash area. With its intense texture, the balm will last on the skin for long.

Q : I’ve got facial rashes with pus. Can I apply this balm to those rashes?
A : Yes, you can. The balm will soothe the skin inflammation.

Q : Does the balm contain Steroid?
A : Our products are chemical-free. All ingredients blended in our products are from herbal extract.

Q : My baby got G6PD. Can he use Manami Cloud Baby Balm?
A : Yes, he can. Manami Cloud Baby Balm contains no broad bean extract.

Q : How to notice if my baby was allergic to Manami Cloud Baby Balm?
A : We recommended you to have skin allergy test by applying the balm onto your baby’s foldable joint. If there’s redness or any usual reactions appear within 15 minutes, it would be indication of the allergy.

Q : Apart from allergic rashes, what else benefits of Manami Cloud Baby Balm?
A : – Mosquito or insect bite blisters
– Scratching or wounds
– Contusion
– Skin inflammation
– Scald, burnt skin
– Acne

Q : How long a tube of balm could be used?
A : It’s average of 3-6 month usage.

Q : I got a wound on my eyelid. Can I apply it onto my eyelid?
A : Yes. Manami Cloud Baby Balm could be used in any external part of the body.


Q : What is the natural extract contained in body scrub?
A : The key ingredient is red tea which has the property of peeling off dead skin cells. You can notice the brighter skin tone when first use.

Q : Should I clean up my face before I scrub or scrub before?
A : Washing your face prior to scrub is recommended. After you scrubbed, wash off with water and pamper your skin with the next nourishing steps.

Q : Which part of the body can I scrub?
A : You can use this product to every part of your body.

Q : How often should I scrub?
A : As often as you prefer.

Q : Can pregnant women use this product?
A : Yes. The product is organic and non-vitamin A formula.


Q : What are benefits of Manami Underarm?
A : Manami Underarm helps brighten underarms’ skin tone in 7 days and prevent body odor.

Q : When the brightening result is come out?
A : Your armpits will be brighter in 7 days.

Q : Can pregnant women, afterbirth mom, breastfeeding mom use Manami Underarm?
A : Manami Underarm is a natural-based, chemical-free product so this is unharmed to them.

Q : Is deodorant needed when applied Manami Underarm?
A : There’s no need to use deodorant as Manami Underarm functions the same.

Q : How long of Manami Underarm (1 tube) can be used?
A : 1-2 months.